The European Car Mechanic in Geelong

European Affair are specialists in servicing and maintaining all European vehicles. We are a highly experienced team of car mechanics in Geelong West, and are accustomed to doing both minor and major services on new and older vehicles and fixing a wide range of issues involving brakes, suspension, air conditioning, re-gas, electronic ignitions, fuel injections, transmission and engine services, total overhauls and re-builds.

When you invest in a special automobile from an A-grade European brand, you need to protect that investment and ensure that it comes in to regular contact with a car mechanic that understands the specifics of European vehicles. The bottom line is that they are manufactured very differently to the more common cars we see in Australia, and there are few people who can provide effective car servicing for them in particular.

Furthermore, European Affair uses the most sophisticated automotive diagnostic computer equipment available, which can literally communicate with the computer programmed in your vehicle. This allows us access to ECU fault codes which are downloadable from the engine, climate control, transmission, SRS, ABS central car electrics and much more information that is valuable for effective automobile maintenance and servicing.

We often look after vehicles by many European brands including Audi, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Fiat, Renault, Saab and Volvo.

For the most comprehensive car servicing Geelong has to offer, contact us today.