Volkswagen servicing that Geelong clients can rely on.

June 10, 2021

Are you wanting to look after the longevity of your Volkswagen vehicle with top-of-the-line servicing and repairs in and around the Geelong area?

Then look no further than the expert team at European Affair for your Volkswagen servicing in Geelong, and keep your vehicle purring for many years to come.

The team at European Affair, drive, service and repair European cars, so you know that your Volkswagen service will be nothing short of exceptional.

European Affair are able to repair and service all elements of your Volkswagen with all parts readily accessible and at a discounted price compared to other mechanics due to the team’s track record and expertise in European vehicles. This sees products and parts available to the team before other mechanics.

The team are able to do any sort of service whether it’s a full engine overhaul or a rebuild or more minor tasks air conditioning services, brakes and suspension servicing, fuel injection and electronic ignitions, as well as fault codes and detailing.

In terms of fault codes, European Affair uses the most sophisticated automotive diagnostic computer equipment which can literally communicate with the computer programmed in your vehicle which allows access to ECU fault codes which are downloadable from the engine, climate control, transmission, SRS and ABS central car electrics.

All labour is done on site in Geelong by qualified and experienced mechanics with decades of experiences with expertise in all elements of European car servicing and repairs.

When you invest in a special automobile from an A-grade European brand, you need to protect your prized possession, so don’t muck around, contact the expert team at European Affair for your Volkswagen servicing in Geelong.